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At DR Asset Planning we aim for growth. Our goal is to create a wide range of employment opportunities in jurisdictions around the world. Frequently, we search to open new markets. As a global and multicultural company, we employ professionals with diverse backgrounds. We are regularly looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join us.

We offer a dynamic work environment for talented professionals. We establish a work environment that encourages responsibility and employ people with initiative, creativity and motivation. We value creative and knowledgeable people who work in teams, have high ethical standards, are productive and manage risks and opportunities effectively.

We all work as a team with employees and management. The management is supportive, pointing employees in the right direction, ensuring that both employees and the company strive for better performance in order to satisfy the clients.

Currently, we have the following job openings, perhaps you see yourself in one of these roles?

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    23 de April de 2021

    Russian government prepares unilateral termination of Netherlands DTA

    The process of DTA amendments began in 2020, when the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced a 15 to 20 per cent withholding tax to be […]
    23 de April de 2021

    OECD presents COVID-19 recovery recommendations for Latin American countries

    For Argentina, the OECD has recommended the reduction of regulatory burdens to encourage business opportunities in the country, as well as improving “the efficiency of the […]
    22 de March de 2021

    Latin American governments look to wealth taxes to underwrite public finances

    The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted several Latin American governments to put forward and, in some cases, enact new wealth tax legislation, says global law firm Trench […]