23 de April de 2021

Russian government prepares unilateral termination of Netherlands DTA

The process of DTA amendments began in 2020, when the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced a 15 to 20 per cent withholding tax to be […]
23 de April de 2021

OECD presents COVID-19 recovery recommendations for Latin American countries

For Argentina, the OECD has recommended the reduction of regulatory burdens to encourage business opportunities in the country, as well as improving “the efficiency of the […]
22 de March de 2021

Latin American governments look to wealth taxes to underwrite public finances

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted several Latin American governments to put forward and, in some cases, enact new wealth tax legislation, says global law firm Trench […]
11 de February de 2021

Chile tops rankings in LatAm report as most attractive to foreign investors

According to the Milken Institute’s Global Opportunity Index 2021: Focus on Latin America report (the Report), Chile has the most potential to attract foreign investment in […]
23 de October de 2020

Argentina’s tax authority launches compliance campaign

Argentina’s Federal Administration of Public Revenues (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos, AFIP) has announced that is it launching the tax planning information regime (régimen de información […]
5 de October de 2020

Latin American countries achieve good results at OECD

At the beginning of September, the Global Forum, an OECD body that seeks to implement greater transparency and exchange of tax information globally, published its second […]

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