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Founded in 2004 and with offices in Brazil (Curitiba and São Paulo - Alphaville) and entities in the Caribbean (Anguilla, BVI, Curaçao) our company specializes in providing solutions for implementation and administration of international corporate structures, assistance in the international tax area and strategic wealth planning for individuals, companies and institutional clients. Our partner companies and offices around the world provide a wide range of jurisdictions for setting up legal structures.


4 de August de 2023

Anguilla: The new Anguilla Commercial Registry System

CRES: Revolutionizing Business Registration on Anguilla   In recent years, Anguilla has experienced significant progress in its efforts to foster economic growth and attract investment. Central […]
18 de May de 2023

Provisional Measure may affect investments held abroad

A part of Provisional Measure No. 1,171 of April 30th, 2023 (“MP”) changes the rules applicable to investments and assets held abroad by residents of Brazil. […]
18 de May de 2023

OECD publishes the review report on BEPS minimum standard

Within its scope of stimulating economic progress and international trade, the OECD published, on March 21st, its fifth annual peer review report, which had as its […]
18 de May de 2023

OECD releases fact sheet on global corporate minimum tax

The OECD was created in the post-war period with the aim of rebuilding European countries through cooperation between its members, receiving assistance especially from the United […]
18 de May de 2023

The Bahamas proposes to update economic substance rules

The purpose of requiring economic substance is to ensure that companies have an economic purpose in the jurisdiction where they are incorporated. The main purpose of […]
18 de May de 2023

Portugal exempts capital gains on real estate and seeks to end the Golden Visa

Since the end of 2022, Portugal has been experiencing a serious housing crisis, which the government claims it is a result of the Ukraine war and […]

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