Administration and Consultancy

Trusts and Private Foundations
18 de December de 2015
18 de December de 2015

With our administration and consultancy services we offer custom-made solutions. We can also take care of the day-to-day business management of your international activities. By use of the services of professionals located around the world, we offer consistent solutions to achieve the goals of our clients and partners. These services include the following areas:


International trends on tax and asset planning show a growing need for solid compliance frameworks that prevent fraud and create more transparency. We closely follow these trends and offer our clients a complete compliance check. Via our way-of-working, all compliance obligations – that otherwise could affect the whole business of the client – are covered.

Asset Allocation Strategies

Together with the client, a team of lawyers, accountants and/or tax advisors we can identify the ´key areas´ for asset allocation. We help our clients in finding the best local practice, by using our knowledge of all treaty driven structures and the differences among legal frameworks.

Asset and Estate Planning

Taking into account the use of international vehicles such as Trusts, Foundations and Investment Funds, we implement asset and estate planning compliant with the laws of the jurisdiction where the client/settlor resides. The use of such traditional vehicles are globally recognized, but the legal framework is always a custom tailored task and changes case by case. Our team is specialized in implementing structures for international families whose affairs span a range of domiciles and jurisdictions.

Day-to-day Administration

We provide para-legal, secretarial, financial and tax filing services for companies, Trusts and Foundations. We have all expertise, language skills and knowledge of local business habits in-house to fulfill almost all clients’ needs.